Department of Architecture Cooperates with Dan Hai Farmers

DATE 2014/08/07 VISITORS 2300

Tamkang University’s Department of Architecture has been investing in the development of Tamsui Campus and the Dan Hai region for quite some time. Not only have they finished projects along the Tamsui Riverbank, they have also helped preserve cultural assets and resources. In recent years they have volunteered their services to help Zhu Yuan Junior Higher and Shi Men Elementary School construct a tree house as part of the “Environmental Art Movement.” This year they will maintain this spirit of excellence as they offer their services to the Dan Hai farming regions.

The historic volcanic eruption of Datun Mountain lead to the development of very important fertile grounds for the farms in Dan Hai District. The enriched soil became a natural resource that lead to the establishment of Chance Garden and the British East India Company. In the last twenty years, the development of the city has made this area into an abundant source for farming and preservation of the local culture. In very recent years, farmers have been doing their best to make a connection with the city community.

Dean of the Department of Architecture, Jui-mao Huang, stated, “The Department of Architecture has undergone many long-term projects in the region of Dan Hai. We believe that it is very crucial for the students’ development to have experience interacting with the local farms. This will give them professional service skills that will be directly beneficial to their future career. It will also give them personal knowledge of their own community, which will be invaluable to our society in the long run.”

This particular project took place in Northern Tamsui and had 40 first-year architecture students who spent three weeks creating various products: a Community Recreational Canopy, a Community Podium, a Hibiscus Platform, Amateur Wedding Automatic Photographer, and Irrigation Modification.