The 2016 File Preservation Exhibition

DATE 2016/08/09 VISITORS 1286

In a collaborative effort with the ROC Ministry of Education, National Taiwan University recently invited 56 national (public) and private universities from around Taiwan to partake in the 2016 File Preservation Exhibition. Held from Aug 5 - Oct 31 at the NTU History Museum, Taipei, the exhibition aims to promote the importance of preserving files and images as a means of celebrating and remembering the evolution of Taiwan's tertiary institutions.

Tamkang University was among the private universities invited to take part in the exhibition. Moreover, the President of TKU, Dr. Chia-I Chang, was asked to deliver a speech at the opening ceremony on behalf of Taiwan's private universities. In her speech, President Chang affirmed the significance of preserving educational files and called for closer exchange and interaction between colleges in sharing successful administrative practices and maintaining university files.

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