Major study affirms Tamkang as leading private university

DATE 2010/09/14 VISITORS 11748

For the fourth successive year, Global Views Monthly and 104 Job Bank have teamed up to produce a study that ranks Taiwanese universities according to demand for graduate students from the business sector. The study, entitled “2011’s Most Sought After Graduate Students”, surveyed a broad sample of variously-sized businesses, as well as high-level supervisors and managers.

The results are in: Tamkang placed 1st among private universities in Taiwan. Overall, including both public and private universities, it came 7th. For four years in a row, Tamkang University has produced remarkable results, invariably topping Taiwan’s private university list and outperforming several top public universities, too.

In the study, Tamkang graduate students entering the workforce ranked 6th in improved job performance. For improvements in job competency, they placed 4th; while for crisis management ability, rapid response to problems, and creativity, they slotted into 6th place. The study also analyzed seven broad academic fields offered in graduate schools across Taiwan. In four of these seven fields, Tamkang made it into the list of top ten universities.

Having been established for 60 years, Tamkang University has nurtured over 220,000 talented graduates, whose footprints spread across the world and whose unique skills are applied in a variety of professions. Alumni living locally and abroad often return to Tamkang University to attend symposiums held by faculty directors, and to share their professional and career-related experience. Each academic department strives to strengthen and enhance interaction among former students of the department. They aim to inspire alumni, who live interspersed around the globe, to come together and forge a prosperous future, both for themselves and for Tamkang University.