Transmitting the beauty of art

DATE 2010/09/21 VISITORS 5425

This year, Tamkang University is celebrating its diamond jubilee. To honor this historic occasion, the Carrie Chang Fine Arts Center is hosting a major exhibit with the theme “Transmitting the Beauty of Art, Works Produced and Collected by CCFAC Consultants”. As part of the exhibit, the Art Center invited past CCFAC consultants to provide their own pieces, as well as works they have collected, for display in this historic exhibition. The pieces on display include works by major artists of the 20th century, such as Liao Chi-chun, Lan Yin-ding, Kuo Hsueh-hu, Li Shih-chiao, Hung Jui-lin, and Wu Guan-zhong.

The Carrie Chang Fine Arts Center of Tamkang University has established a name for itself both in Taiwan and overseas. The CCFAC consultants invited to take part in the exhibit provided the Arts Center with guidance and advice, which assisted in preparation for the exhibit. The group of CCFAC consultants comprises several prominent figures in the fields of art management, music, fine arts, and art collection.

Thanks to the participation of CCFAC consultants, the exhibit displayed a total of 85 pieces, with works provided by 13 separate artists, including sculptors, painters, and collectors. CCFAC consultants are artists renowned in local art circles. Their work is rarely if ever displayed in the one exhibition, which makes this, the Art Center’s exhibit, all the more incredible. The only non-professional painter among the participants, Mr. Bai Sheng-san, contributed to the exhibit with his vast collection of paintings, including pieces by Chen Deng-po, Liao Chu-chun, Lan Yin-ding, Kuo Hsueh-hu, Li Shih-chiao, Hung Jui-lin, and Wu Guan-zhong. These paintings brought an historical touch to the exhibit, infusing it with a deeper, more significant meaning, and helping to more effectively transmit the beauty of art.