The International Conference on Sustainable Biomass 2010

DATE 2010/11/11 VISITORS 5452

In recent years, the Taiwanese government has vehemently advanced the need to reduce carbon emissions. It has drafted various laws hoping to spur the development of cleaner energy, with a particular focus on one specific form of alternative energy – biomass. However, government efforts are limited, especially as Taiwan is not yet a recognized member of the United Nations. It is thus vital that Taiwan strengthen ties with countries in Europe and SE Asia regarding energy-based technology and policy. Such collaboration would enhance the development of new energy technologies and the institution of policies relating to such new energies in Taiwan.

With this in mind, on the 9-10 Nov, the Graduate Institute of European Studies held an International Conference on Sustainable Biomass (ICSB) at Tamkang’s Tamsui Campus. The objective of the conference was to enhance discourse and mutual exchange between Taiwan and France on topics related to biomass energy. The participation of scholars from SE Asia not only added to the diverse perspectives represented at the conference, but also heightened the possibility for further cooperation between Taiwan and SE Asia in the near future. With over 40 experts in attendance, the conference was a great success and has generated various new possibilities for future collaboration on issues regarding biomass between Taiwan and several countries around the world.