A "Friendly Map" for the Disabled

DATE 2011/01/10 VISITORS 6738

Over the past semester, TKU freshmen have partaken in Community Learning classes. Of late, Community Learning students have been required to create a map of the most user-friendly campus routes for TKU disabled students. The participating students include freshmen from the departments of Civil Engineering, English, Japanese, and German. Together, they surveyed the entire Tamsui Campus, inspecting all disabled-friendly zones and facilities. They then produced sketches and diagrams of the most easy-to-use circuits of the campus based on disabled students’ needs.

In the process, they analyzed the entry and exit points of each TKU building, and used different colored markers to differentiate between buildings and sites in the TKU Tamsui Campus that: i) Disabled students can access on their own ii) Disabled students can not reach on their own, and iii) Areas restricted for all students.

To formulate the most precise Campus Map possible, disabled students were enlisted to participate. Volunteer disabled students thus took time out of their own schedule to assist in the activity. A “Friendly Campus Map 1.0” has now been published. In future, Community Learning courses will strive to continually refine and improve on this initial effort, to enable TKU disabled students to more readily make their way around the Tamsui Campus.