TKU Volunteers Bring Care to the Country

DATE 2011/01/18 VISITORS 5401

In winter this year, a vast legion of community volunteers from TKU societies and external service clubs have gone out into the community to help those in need. From TKU, a total of 386 teachers and students from 16 TKU societies formed 17 groups, who went to rural areas around Taiwan to provide free service and care to the locals. The volunteers comprise largely of Tamkang University alumni associations and societies, as well as a melee of community groups including environmental teams, counseling service organizations, and the Union Dolphins work team.

Before embarking on their philanthropic journeys, the volunteers attended a Charity Service Send-off Ceremony. At the ceremony, the president of TKU Dr. Flora Chia-I Chang distributed certificates in acknowledgment of the volunteers’ efforts. She reminded students to keep in mind their own safety at all times, and wished them all a meaningful adventure.

In a separate initiative, the TKU Cambodia Community Learning Team once again set out for Cambodia, where they will help to nurture local teachers and provide entertaining cultural performances. The team leader, TKU Department of Mathematics student Xiao Li-cheng, noted that they had prepared more in-depth teacher training courses for their trip this time, and that instead of exclusively performing Taiwanese songs – as they did last time – they will instead perform local folksongs that they learned on their last trip to Cambodia.