The First Department of Tourism Cocktail Show

DATE 2011/03/01 VISITORS 5530

On the afternoon of Feb. 23rd, the Department of Tourism and Hospitality at the TKU Lanyang Campus held its first ever cocktail show. In preparation for the event, eight long tables had been set up. One participant stood behind each of the eight tables. Their mission was to complete the first stage of cocktail preparation in 6 minutes. This stage involved laying out the required tools and making the ingredients to be used in the cocktails. Participants then had just one minute to mix the ingredients and make the cocktails. Their actions became rapid, as they squeezed, brewed, iced, mixed, and shook their ingredients. The crowd was delighted with the show of skill, and began applauding and cheering. The finished cocktails included a Blue Coral, a Shirley Temple Smoothie, and an Orange Squash.

In recent years, each profession has begun to require that its practitioners obtain professional licenses. Students from the Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management have thus been making time each Wednesday to attend classes at the local youth club, where they learn to mix cocktails. The course includes an exam to obtain a professional bartending license.