2012 Seminar for Leaders of Student Associations

DATE 2012/08/23 VISITORS 4463

For Tamkang students, learning is not just about increasing your IQ in a classroom environment. Enhancing your EQ by taking part in student association activities is also an integral part of the Tamkang experience. That is why almost five decades ago TKU initiated a 5-day camp that is held just before the beginning of the new academic year. Known as the Seminar for Leaders of Student Associations, the event helps to train new student club leaders, nurture friendships among fellow club leaders and inject passion and enthusiasm into the operation of student clubs.

The 2012 Seminar for Leaders of Student Associations was held from Aug 20 – 24 and was attended by 230 student club leaders. The theme of the seminar was “overcoming obstacles, innovative thinking, navigating a team, and fulfilling one’s dream”. It involved three main aspects of student club learning: operating student clubs, holding student activities, and inter-personal interaction.

During the opening ceremony of the event, the President of TKU, Dr. Flora Chia-I Chang, expressed that leadership is a quality that is learned, not just innate. She urged the new leaders of student clubs not to be nervous, but instead to manage their time with efficiency and recognize the importance of teamwork to the successful functioning of student associations. She explained that student clubs classes are now a compulsory aspect of learning at TKU, and that the compulsory student club course is one component of the Three Circles and Five Disciplines of Education practiced at TKU.

Wu Pin-hsuan, a participant and PR leader of a TKU student society, noted that “the seminar featured a very full schedule and taught me a huge amount regarding inter-personal interaction and how to be a better leader”.