TKU Team Wins in Mainland China

DATE 2012/09/06 VISITORS 3468

From Aug 23-25, graduating TKU students from the Department of Information Management took part in the 3rd Chinese University Service Innovation Contest, held in Jiangsu, China. The contest featured 246 teams from 158 universities throughout Mainland China and Taiwan, including prestigious institutions such as Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the Harbin University of Science and Technology. Out of the 246 teams to enter, the TKU contingent received a first place Excellence Award. The winning TKU students include Chang Hsing-chun, Tsai Hui-yun, and Lin Han-ting.

Together, the TKU students invented a product designed to entertain children while at the same time bringing families closer together. Called “Holding Family Close”, the product is a new type of online game that draws in the latest technology and appeals to not only children, but parents too. The purpose of the software is to try to bring families closer together by providing a product that be played by the entire family.

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