Taking a Look at the History of Tamsui

DATE 2012/09/12 VISITORS 3331

From September 10 – 14, 27 Tamkang students from the Department of Information and Communication are holding a documentary film exhibition at the Black Swam Exhibition Hall, Tamsui Campus.

The exhibition displays short documentary films about an historical site in Tamsui and the only remaining industrial relic in Taiwan, the Tamsui Shell Warehouse. The Warehouse was once a central hub for oil transportation in Asia.

In order to highlight the intriguing history of the site – which includes Japanese occupation – the 27 Tamkang students produced an extended documentary called “No Ice”. “No Ice” consists of three separate shorter documentaries: “Sticky Memories”, “The Recollection of a Port”, and “The Year we Built Tamsui”. The documentary provides an in-depth look into the culture and history of Tamsui, and how the Warehouse has helped to shape the Tamsui we know today.

“No Ice”, which was the students’ final assignment for the course “Storytelling and Storyboarding”, was first screened at the Tamsui Cultural Park. It incorporates several settings, including the Tamsui Shell Warehouse, a port, an airport, and railway tracks”. Chen Yu-hsuan, the organizer of the exhibition, commented: “Tamsui’s culture has always been very open to outside cultures. The purpose of this event is to get rid of people’s apathy toward history. We hope to stimulate people’s interest in the local history, art, and culture”.

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