TKU Rewarded for Academic Innovation

DATE 2012/09/17 VISITORS 3059

The new academic year has brought with it a number of new academic courses. There are four new credit programs being offered and a total of 93 new courses. Among these are two credit programs known as Green Technology (offered by the College of Engineering) and Culture and Travel (offered by the College of Global Entrepreneurial Development).

These two programs recently received subsidies from the Ministry of Education for their unique and innovative formats. The credit program Green Technology was designed to accord with current social trends, emphasizing the development of green technology in a variety of industries. The course aims to develop technology professionals with an in-depth knowledge of environmentally-friendly resources and skills in research and development.

The other credit program “Culture and Travel” provides students with expertise in the tourism industry coupled with mastery of a foreign language. To achieve this, the program incorporates industry internship programs, course instruction provided primarily in English, and a compulsory year of overseas study at one of TKU’s sister universities.