New Documentaries and Information on Tamsui Wiki

DATE 2014/06/22 VISITORS 2691

Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, Sinn-cheng Lin, recently mentioned that there should be new additions to the Tamsui Wiki website that will give viewers a chance to gather an in depth understanding of Tamkang University. The website will contain information regarding TKU’s history, culture, festivals, tourist sites information, popular shops and more. This year Tamsui Wiki will provide video documentaries focused around merchant groups and organizations. This year on Tamkang Campus there will be a press conference to share the achievements and experience of the documentaries that will include 9 different shops and groups.

Assistant Professor of the Department of Mass Communication, Weitsy Wang, stated “The nine 15-minute short films will include Ching An Massage, Yon-ji Sesame Oil Firm, Foursquare, Tamsui Old Church, Kong-yen Cultural Center, Li Tien Lu Museum, Golden Bough Theatre, Glastory Art Center and Taiwan Fuji Latex Condoms Discovery Center. Teachers and students are faced with difficulties of working with personal businesses and it’s essential to develop trust and respect before being able to cooperate together.”

Assistant Professor of the Department Chinese, Yen-wen Chou, stated, “One film that was made for research about the controversial second phase of Danhai New Town called the Distance of Guanyin Mountain. The project received many voices about the effects of individuals immigrating from Guanyin Mountain to Danhai New Town and how it relates to the natives in the area. The film attempts to grasp all of the different opinions from both sides related to the topic.”

Third-year student of the Department of Mass Communication, Yi-qun Yang, stated, “I’m really surprised that the projects that we created will be able to be utilized for educational purposes. It’s great to be able to get many of these relatively conservative people’s ideas into the public eye so that they can be discussed and attended to.” Sinn-Cheng Lin expressed, “Tamsui Wiki was established to give people a link that connects them to the diversity of culturally related projects that are always happening in the area.” (For more information visit link )