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TKU Signs Academic Agreement with Foxconn

Date 2014-08-11 3869 Clicks

On August 11th Tamkang University signed an agreement with Cheng Uei Precision Industry Co.(Foxconn) to form an academic industry exchange that would develop and promote e-calligraphy digital tools. This project will prove beneficial to both Taiwan and China as well as to the preservation of the culture of calligraphy.

President Chang stated, “This university promotes individual academic progress as well as the promotion of alliances. I hope in the future this academic industry exchange will enhance the capabilities of our mutual development. Through the cooperation of our two industries we will be able to create a new platform to launch modern calligraphy. Chinese calligraphy has been essential to China for the last 2000 years and giving it a digital format is paramount for the preservation of history.”

Dean of the Carrie Chang Arts Center, Ben-hang Chang, described the universities academic growth as it pertains to digital learning and online skills development. He stated, “For many years we’ve utilized the advantages of long-distance learning and teaching resources to become part of a more internationalized academic world. Being able to utilize this new technology to promote Chinese culture is truly an extraordinary opportunity. It transcends the boundaries of our countries, allowing those who are interested to have an opportunity to learn of our arts and traditions.”

Chairman of Foxconn, Terry Gou, stated, “In the near future there will be five other companies investing into this digital project to help expedite great results. This will allow the years of TKU’s e-calligraphy research to be spread throughout the world, rebirthing the interest of Chinese calligraphy.”