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The TKU World Alumni 2014 Vancouver Convention

Date 2014-08-26 5918 Clicks

On August 24th, the 2014 Gathering for Tamkang University Alumni took place in the Vancouver Convention Center. In attendance was President Flora Chia-I Chang, Vice President of Administration, Yi-jen Hu, Executive Director of the Office of Alumni Services and Resources Development, Chun-young Perng and many other department chairs. At this conference there were over 200 alumni from America, China, Taiwan and Canada. The event had a variety of different alumni that came to participate, some living and working overseas for many years, and even others that were up to ninety years old.

All of the alumni have very different backgrounds, but came together with the unified purpose of helping with the development of TKU. This particular event is held every two years, the first time taking place in Los Angeles, California in 2006. Later it was held in Shanghai in 2008, Taiwan in 2010 and Malaysia in 2014. This year the alumni made a special overseas trip to the beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada. The forum was hosted by President of the TKU North American Alumni Alliance, Qi-feng Ping and the Taiwanese Alumni were represented by President of the General Alumni Association of Tamkang University, Ding-chuan Chen, Chairman of the TKU United Alumni Association, Dr. Loo Soon, Professor from the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Min-fan Ricky Lee, and also President of Guangdong and Taiwanese Business Alumni, Shu-lin Qiu.

President Chang expressed,”You precious alumni have made very generous donations over the years, literally changing the shape of the university of TKU. Your magnificent contributions have sustained great motivation for quality development. For this event we have lots of great festivities planned including exciting performances and an exquisite banquet. Let us take advantage of this opportunity to further strengthen our connections.”