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TKU Designs New Audio Language Learning Program

Date 2014-12-29 4344 Clicks

Yi-feng Lu

The College of Foreign Languages and Literature has laid out a 9 month plan that will promote 15 scenic areas of Tamsui through, “Talking Tamkang University.” This project is an audio assisted learning curriculum to help students study literature in 6 different languages: English, Spanish, German, Japanese, French and Russian. Very soon anyone will be able to study language with audio assistance via QR Code or Youtube. The new program will have the support of New Taipei City Mayor, Eric Chu; the proposal is set to be mentioned in a conference taking place on January 6th.

It’s estimated that in the beginning the project will utilize 30 different books that have been approved by the Dean of Foreign Languages and Literature, Hsi-deh Wu. He’s invited 6 professors of different languages to design the complete program. Hsi-deh Wu stated, “This curriculum takes the perspective of foreign students touring and learning the environment at Tamsui. I’m sure this type of academic industry learning material combined with the online software that can provided, will be the ultimate method of learning a language.” Hsi-deh Wu hopes to be able to have the assistance of the different service workers in the region in order to make the study experience more diverse.