TKU's Professor Gau Sue-huai: Turning Fly Ash into Gold

DATE 2019/12/30 VISITORS 1950

Dr. Gau Sue-huai, a professor in the TKU Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering, has worked at Tamkang University for over three decades, guiding over 100 master's and PhD students to gain postgraduate degrees. He possesses eight patents, both domestic and international. Two of these patents were granted for a technology that utilizes fly ash – created when incinerating garbage – to produce valuable humidity-controlling ceramics. The technology earned Gau a silver medal in an invention contest held during the 2017 Taipei International Invention Show and Technomart, as well as a gold medal prize in the 33rd Tokyo International Invention Expo (2019), and a gold medal in the 20th IIIC International Innovative Invention Contest (2019).

Over the years, Gau has always found great joy in the dual pursuit of research and teaching. “My current lifestyle involves a lot of travel and sightseeing. I'm able to take in and appreciate the local sights and sounds while participating in symposiums in countries around the world.” He added: “While I'm still able, I hope to contribute as much as possible, to take part in expos and do what I can for the community. Only by doing so can you say you've lived a life of meaning.”