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The Soft Opening of Sung-Tao Halls 4 & 5. President Keh: Taking Students into the Highest Consideration

Date 2021-03-15 1072 Clicks

After more than 8 months of renovation, Sung-Tao Hall 4 and Hall 5 officially opened for trial operation at 10 AM on March 10th. The original faculty and staff dormitories of Gang and Yi are now transformed into beautiful areas with stylish designs, comfortable, secured, and family-style student dormitories. A junior in the Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering, Chung-Ting Cheng,

moved in on March 8th. She mentioned, "The new dormitory is beautiful, clean, and there is plenty of public spaces."

President Dr. Huan-Chao Keh stated during the opening ceremony that the opening of Sung-Tao Hall 4 and 5 will provide students with a very good living and learning space. He emphasized: "Tamkang University has a small and beautiful campus, and there is no space to build a new building. The University had to put students as the first consideration by asking its staffs and faculties to move." President Keh especially thanked the Vice President of Administrative Affairs Shi-Feng Chuang for leading the General Affairs Office and the Student Affairs Office to plan and execute this project. Dr. Jui-Fa Chen, an associate professor of the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, built a face recognition system, and Dr. Jui-Mao Huang, an associate professor of the Department of Architecture, participated in the design and planning of the dormitory.

The Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Shih-Jung Wu introduced: the refurbished Sung-Tao 4 and 5 pavilions adopt a family-style design concept. Each household has three suites, accommodates up to 10 people, has a dedicated living room, dining room, as well as refrigerators, microwave ovens, induction cookers, and other facilities. "We encourage students to walk out of their dormitory, eat, chat with roommates, and create a home-like living space." In addition, the multi-functional activity space on the first floor of Sung-Tao Hall 4 is equipped with a coffee bar, study and discussion area, teaching and social networking area, and modernized vending machines. On the first floor of Sung-Tao Hall 5, there is a self-serve laundry area, a dance hall, and a herb terrace.