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Department Development Award Review - 8 Department Plans for the Future

Date 2021-05-09 1468 Clicks

The 9th Department Development Award Review Conference was held on May 5th at the Hsu Shou-Chlien International Conference Center. It was hosted by President Dr. Huan-Chao Keh and attended by 4 Vice-Presidents and first-level supervisors. President Keh thanked the reviewers for taking their time to attend and hoped that the departments that entered the review could grasp the opportunity to win awards. In this review, in addition to the president and vice presidents; Dr. Lawrence Jian-Xiang Lin, the chairman of Grand Dynasty Industrial Co. Ltd.; Dr. Ruay-Shiung Chang, president of National Taipei University of Business; Dr. Dana Xia-Ling Tai, president of the University of Taipei; Dr. Han-Chieh Chao, president of National Dong Hwa University; Dr. Shan-Pei Yin, associate professor of the Department of Chinese Literature; Dr. Chi-Chung Wen, professor of the Department of Mathematics; Dr. Hsi-Hsun Tasi, associate professor of Master’s Program in Taiwan and Asia-Pacific Studies, College of International Affairs; and Dr. Shun-Jie Ji, associate professor of the Doctoral Program of Educational Leadership and Technology Management, jointly reviewed. The results of the review will be announced and awarded at the 85th School Affairs Committee Meeting on June 11th.

Each department will report on the five major performances of "Teaching," "Research," "Recruitment," "Fundraising," "Overall," and propose plans for the future. The Department of Aerospace Engineering is expected to become the first university-related departments that have "self-developed flight simulators," "combination of drones and AI," and "self-made rocket launching technology" within 3 years. The Department of Accounting will focus on the integration of accounting and technological literacy, combined with AI continuous audit experiments, and emphasizes the application of emerging technologies and data analysis to cultivate digital auditing talents. The Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering strengthens students’ graduation competitiveness through cross-field integration, supports the application of information science, and enhances practical knowledge and experience. In addition to recruiting students and activating faculty members, the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering young scholars with new technical fields and research capabilities will be recruited, and the integration of research energy will be strengthened to encourage innovative research. The Department of Chemistry plans to organize a cross-field team and integrate top professional talents for joint research and development, making the department Taiwan’s important town for material development and drug design. The Department of Educational Technology aims to build a "Fast, Good, and Reliable" professional team, focusing on "Rapid production of teaching materials modules" and "AI learning," and continues to cultivate digital teaching materials and education and training talents. The Department of Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering focuses on the integration of AI and machinery manufacturing, while strengthening international exchanges to increase the recruitment of foreign students, and combining industrial resources to cultivate talents. The teaching center with a 100% registration rate of new students for two consecutive years will continue its "Diversity and Dialogue, the Characteristics of Theory and Practice Link," the development of the strategy of "AI + Technology + Mental Health," the establishment of cross-field characteristic courses, and continue the "Uniqueness" of Tamkang teaching in the country.