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The 6th AI and Japanese Language Education Seminar with the Participation of 120 Scholars from Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea

Date 2023-04-24 1053 Clicks

With the rapid advancement of AI technology, new discussions in the field of language learning have been sparked by phenomena such as "metaverse" and "ChatGPT". The Center for Murakamiharuki Studies in Tamkang University (CMSTKU), at the forefront of trends, held the "6th AI and Japanese Language Education International Seminar" at Ching-Sheng International Conference Hall on April 15th, attracting nearly 120 scholars from Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea to attend. The opening ceremony was presided over by Director Chiu-Kuei Tseng of CMSTKU. Prominent opinion leaders who are highly concerned about this issue were invited to deliver speeches through video conference, including Nagoya University of Foreign Studies President Kameyama Ikuo, the Japan Association of Comparative Culture President Harumi Yahiro, and Hokuyo University President Kuniyo Okumura. President Kameyama Ikuo stated that this initiative is worth learning from and has instructed the Chair of the Japanese Department at his university, Emiko Hayatsu, to learn from Tamkang University.

President Ro Yu Gyeom (檢校裕朗) of the AI and Creative Learning Research Society in South Korea delivered a speech at the venue and presented a paper. He mentioned that he has been continuously participating in the series of international seminars with a focus on "AI and Japanese Language Education" since 2018. He paid tribute to the late Professor Ochiai Yuji, a distinguished professor of the Japanese Language Department at Tamkang university, who had long been a pioneer in the field of AI and Japanese language education, and presented a plaque of commendation. He also praised Director Chiu-Kuei Tseng for leading the trend and driving research in the field of AI and Japanese language education, putting Taiwan on the international stage, and achieving results that have surpassed those of Japan and South Korea, making Taiwan a benchmark for innovative Japanese language education worldwide.

Dr. Chih-Yung Chang, distinguished professor from our university's Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, delivered a keynote speech on "The Explosive Power of Metaverse-triggered Japanese Language Education". The opening remarks was given by Dr. Hsing-Chin Hsu, the former president of Chinese Culture University. Dr. Chang incorporated the popular ChatGPT technology into the core of his speech, analyzing the advantages of language teachers utilizing revolutionary AI technology. He hopes to inspire teachers to enhance language teaching through the integration of new technologies, and create a new role for language teachers in the AI era.

2 scholars were invited to give presentations. President Ro Yu Gyeom, who explained South Korea's active implementation of the "Cosmic Policy" and its application in various fields of education, and Ms. Kim (金侊嬪), a high school teacher from Seongwon High School in South Korea, who has years of practical experience in using cosmic technology in language education. Ms. Kim introduced free software for language teachers that utilizes cosmic technology to develop language teaching materials, making it convenient for language educators to use.

The conference consisted of 4 sessions for paper presentations, with a total of 11 papers related to Japanese language being presented, becoming the first batch of literature in the field of AI and cosmic technology. Associate Professor Horikoshi Kazuo from our university's Japanese Department stated that future Japanese language education needs to be redefined. It should not only focus on transmitting knowledge related to the Japanese language, but also expand the perspective of language teachers to continuously improve their teaching abilities that are relevant to the current times, with a focus on enhancing learners' employability competency. Dr. Shu-Hua Yeh, the Dean of the College of International Studies and Foreign Languages at Chinese Culture University and a professor at National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, expressed admiration for Tamkang University's continuous innovation in combining AI with language education, which is undoubtedly advantageous for university enrollment. Professor Jiin-Chiueh Lai, a Distinguished Professor at Soochow University, expressed great pleasure in having the opportunity to join this innovative presentation and commended Professor Tseng's visionary achievements, which are truly admirable.

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