TKU President helps kick off Digital Learning Forum

DATE 2010/12/01 VISITORS 5088

On Nov. 30, the Ministry of Education held a forum which showcased the results of their push toward cyber space. The forum hosted Taiwanese universities with substantial web based learning platforms. Tamkang University offers one of the leading, most comprehensive learning platforms of all Taiwanese universities. TKU’s Cyber Campus provides masters degrees, international distance education, and cross-cultural distance learning programs. Given TKU’s prominent role in Taiwanese cyber education, the President of TKU, Dr. Flora Chia-I Chang, was asked to help open the forum, along with two other dignitaries, including the Minister of Education, Wu Qing Ji.

In his opening speech, Minister Wu explained that there are now a total of nine online masters programs offered by Taiwanese universities, which collectively offer 117 certified courses. He commended Tamkang University’s ongoing efforts in providing online learning, and particularly applauded TKU on its cooperative distance learning program with Waseda University in Japan. President Chang, in her subsequent speech, announced that starting from next year, TKU would be offering a masters program to be conducted entirely in Spanish. The program will cater to students in Central and South America, and will comprise a focus on economics, trade, politics, and culture in the Asia Pacific region. It aims to spread digital learning technology and educational resources to Central and South America, and in doing so, provide people in such regions with access to higher education.