TKU students Li Chen-an and Cai Wan-lin claim gold and silver in design competition

DATE 2010/12/07 VISITORS 5412

5th year TKU Department of Architecture student, Li Chen-an, has taken top honors in the 2009-2010 design competition “form‧Z Joint Study Program”. For his award-winning piece, entitled “Launching from Taipei 101”, Chen-an designed a futuristic, fantasy-style model of Taipei City, with a central focus placed on Taipei’s prominent 101 building. In the model, Taipei 101 becomes the central hub from which small, translucent shuttlecrafts disembark, flying passengers to various points around Taipei. During their trip, passengers are able to glance out from the craft’s glass shell for a spectacular 360 degree view of Taipei. The concept combines a renowned Taipei landmark – in the form of 101 – with a brand new means of transportation, to redefine the way in which Taipei residents view their city.

Li Chen-an said that having been born and raised in Taipei, he had a vast pool of ideas from which to draw on in creating his design. He also received a silver medal for his “man-powered vehicle” design, which incorporated a 3D model to focus attention on the severe environmental issues currently faced by mankind.

In addition, TKU Department of Architecture student, Cai Wan-lin, also received a silver medal for her piece, entitled “Green Knight on a Motorcycle”. The design draws on the recent Taipei Flora Expo to depict a mobile garden that floats through the air, by creating hi-tech backpacks and helmets with floral designs to be worn by drivers of scooters. TKU was the only Taiwanese university to receive awards in the 2009-2010 form‧Z Joint Study Program competition.

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