The EMBA End of Year Gala

DATE 2010/12/20 VISITORS 6088

On the evening of Dec. 18, the Tamkang EMBA year-end gala was held at the Taipei International Youth Activity Center in Taipei. The gala was different from previous years. It was a banquet and a talent contest, where students, faculty, and staff of the TKU EMBA programs took turns to deliver energetic acts and lively dance performances.

At the beginning of the program, the hosts – Huang Ya-jun and Wang Wei-jia – dressed up as Santa Claus and went from table to table handing out Christmas candy. This was followed by the first performance of the evening, an up-tempo and interactive session of aerobic boxing by Department of Business Administration student, Zhu Tian-xiang. An action-packed cheerleading performance was to follow, and featured dazzling flips and several series of somersaults. There was choir singing, ballroom dancing, classical Chinese music, and comedy skits.

Yet possibly the most entertaining show of the night was that performed by the “techno dancing divas”, a colorfully-attired gathering of directors, CEOs, and professors from the College of Business and Management. Together, they performed a lively dance act that at once bedazzled and amused the audience.

The evening was a great success. The light-hearted fun and exuberant atmosphere was the perfect culmination to a year of hard work and arduous efforts.