Promoting Health and Well-being at TKU’s Tamsui Campus

DATE 2010/12/28 VISITORS 5769

Statistics have shown that as Taiwanese students go from elementary school to high school to university, the likelihood of them partaking in regular exercise declines. To counter this trend, TKU has set up a “Healthy Campus” course. In the course, faculty members from the Office of Physical Education provide students with professional exercise and dietary information.

Promoting health and safety is also an essential component of TKU’s Community Learning program. At the beginning of this month, as part of Community Learning, students surveyed the TKU Tamsui Campus to find the best routes for visually impaired students. The Center of Resources for the Blind was also enlisted to give students help and advice.

During the Community Learning course, to gain a clearer idea of how the campus landscape feels for a blind student, students wore blindfolds, wielded white canes, and walked together carefully in rows. Department of Japanese student, Liu Yi-shan, said that “even just five minutes of walking blindfolded was a challenge. We don’t realize how lucky we are to be able to always see exactly where we’re going. It is so difficult for blind people to get around. We should do our best to help blind students by trying to lessen their burden”.