The 2012 TKU Summer Science Camp

DATE 2012/08/07 VISITORS 4146

The story of how Jeremy Lin went from unknown benchwarmer to international sensation is akin to a Disney fairytale. At present, he is on a whirlwind tour of Taiwan, with his vast legion of fans and local media following his every move.

This sensation, termed “Linsanity” by the world media, was the topic of discussion during this year’s TKU Summer Science Camp. Through a lecture series and fun activities, students explored the topic “Linsanity and Life”. The camp analyzed the primary factors in Jeremy Lin’s stunning success. The ultimate goal was to teach the junior high school participants that apart from being very skillful at basketball, it was Jeremy Lin’s attitude of perseverance that made the difference.

The lecture series was delivered by Department of Math professor, Dr. Tseng Shio-Jenn. Dr. Tseng cited a Times article that described how Jeremy Lin faced constant prejudice on the path to becoming a sports star. Despite being called names and being overlooked for sports scholarships in most universities, he never gave up. Through his experience, Dr. Tseng demonstrated the necessity of maintaining a positive mind frame. She also created a list of “10 things Jeremy Lin has taught us”:

1. Even if no one else believes in you, you have to believe in yourself.

2. When the opportunity arises, seize it.

3. Your family will always be your foundation; you also have to become their foundation.

4. Find a system in which you can freely apply your talent.

5. Never overlook potential superstars in your team.

6. What people love about you is your unique essence. Don’t try to be like someone else.

7. Remain humble.

8. Make those around you look good. They’ll love you forever.

9. Never forget the importance of luck and destiny in your life.

10. Give it all you’ve got.