Orientation for New Department Chairs

DATE 2012/08/13 VISITORS 3191

From August 8 – 9, the TKU Office of Human Resources held a two-day orientation for new department chairs. The event was held at the Clement C.P. Chang International Conference Hall at the Lanyang Campus, Yilan, and was hosted by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Gwo-Hsing Yu. It featured an opening address by Vice President Yu, a productivity report by the Dean of Human Resources, Dr. Cheng Tung-wen, as well as experience-sharing by department and college heads.

During the opening speech by Vice President Yu, he commented that the new department chairs will bring with them a new vigor and energy to the position. He also provided an outline of TKU’s current structure, which includes 8 colleges, 40 departments, 50 master’s programs, 18 doctoral programs, 11 advanced studies programs, and close to 29,000 students.

On the first day of the orientation event, the President of TKU, Dr. Flora Chia-I Chang, participated from start to finish. She presented each new department chair with a book on leadership, and emphasized that leadership is not innate but is a learned quality that can be refined and nurtured by anyone who desires to do so. She encouraged new department chairs to formulate goals, create steps to reaching those goals, establish a future vision and strategies to achieving it, and regularly monitor your KPIs.