The New Office of Student Affairs

DATE 2012/09/21 VISITORS 3845


The 4th floor of the Business and Management Building recently received a drastic makeover. Students who come to the new Office of Student Affairs can invariably be heard saying “Wow! It’s so nice and pleasant here!” The renovations were undertaken during the recent summer holidays in order to provide students with a comfortable space to study or just simply “hang out”.

To celebrate the completion of the new “student affairs area”, on the afternoon of September 20 the Office of Student Affairs held an afternoon tea event and invited the President of TKU, Dr. Flora Chia-I Chang, the Vice President for Administrative Affairs, Dr. Po-yuan Kao, and senior management from various TKU first and second-level departments and colleges. In her opening remarks, President Chang noted that the new environment is not only more pleasant to be in, but is also more conducive to efficient study and work practices. She encouraged students to take part in TKU extracurricular activities and urged staff to focus on helping students develop not just academically, but also to help them grow into well-balanced individuals with a responsibility to the community and the broader society.

The afternoon tea event also featured various contributions from various TKU student clubs. For example, the TKU Flower Arrangement Club helped to decorate the area with a beautiful display of color; the Bartender Club provided drinks; the Cuisine Club brought sumptuous snacks, while the TKU Choir offered a harmonious melody.

Second year student Yang Hui-ci, commented: “This area has become brighter, nicer, and just more pleasant. It’s no wonder so many students come here now to just relax or do their homework”.