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A New View on an Old Way of Life

Date 2015-04-10 2931 Clicks

College of Liberal Arts

When people ponder on fishing in earlier times, they can’t help but to think of the traditional stone fish traps that are still scattered throughout the country. Remnants of these ancient fishing traps can be found on the Tamsui coast, but because there hasn’t been any continual maintenance, these traps have slowly been eroding from existence. In order to preserve the memory of this tradition, a team from the College of Liberal Arts is making a documentary of these historical artifacts by using incredible and unusual methods. In addition to interviewing people who are able to recall the time that the traps were in use, they are using flying drones to film and get unique overhead perspectives.

Information gathered including research, cultural information and historical artifacts will be saved in a digital archive to preserve the remaining data forever. Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, Sinn-cheng Lin, expressed, “The information collected by this research group will be able to be found on Tamsui’s Wiki page ( and more people can get a closer look at the culture of Tamsui. I hope people will come take a look at some of the earliest man made eco related structures. There is much to learn for people with interests in History, Architecture, Tourism and Ecology.

The College of Liberal Arts will utilize data collected over the past three years from students of the Departments of Chinese, History, Mass Communication, Information and Library Science and Information and Communication to make the preservation project diverse and intriguing from multiple fields. GPS will also be used to map out the different territories of stone traps, which will be useful for tourism in the future. One of the planners and research assistants, Mei-sheng Chen, stated, “Being able to film the earth from the sky will give us a very new look at things that we feel familiar with. I’m sure it will open everyone’s eyes for more creative and impactful ideas.”