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The Art of Science or the Science of Art

Date 2015-12-08 2818 Clicks

In every country in the world, there has always been a close relationship between science and art. An example would be Leonardo da Vinci’s almost magical blend of components from both worlds. He believed that the path of science and art shared the same starting point and that humans that relied on science without art would become like machines. So what other discoveries can be found in the relationship between science and art? On Dec. 7 in the Carrie Chang Music Hall the Department of Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology came together to hold the “My Science Style” musical performance.

The event consisted of students of different science departments freely displaying their hidden artistic potential. Not only do they possess knowledge, but artistic skills as well, which is the hallmark of people who live a fruitful life. At 7 pm there were no more available seats as students passionately took the stage to ignite the audience. The performers donned high school uniforms to bring students back to a young a playful time. Event organizer and student of the Department of Chemistry, Hui-zhen Zheng, expressed, “In order to give the best performance, the groups spent 3 months preparing for this event.” The dancing and singing was themed with daily science and chemistry, creating an atmosphere of both fun and laughter.