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Passing the Baton - a New Era of Leadership

Date 2016-08-01 3468 Clicks

On the morning of Aug 1, Tamkang University held the 2016-17 General Handover Ceremony to farewell outgoing department chairs and section chiefs, and welcome the senior staff members who will fill their roles. A total of 29 high-level staff and faculty members will vacate their positions, many of whom will retire.

TKU President, Dr. Flora Chia-I Chang, in her opening remarks at the Handover Ceremony, expressed her gratitude to the outgoing staff members for their hard work and sacrifice over the years.

One of the senior staff who will soon leave Tamkang, the TKU Secretary-General, Dr. Hsu Ting-Chi, delivered a speech thanking President Chang for giving him the chance to serve as secretary-general and thus allowing him to learn a great deal about school administration, particularly quality control.