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A Forum with Three Titans of Industry

Date 2016-10-16 3537 Clicks

In an ever-changing world, in which the notion of ‘talented professionals’ unceasingly evolves, today's youth cannot simply settle for knowledge in one individual field, but must have the ability to constantly and rapidly absorb new knowledge and acquire new skills in multi-faceted areas.

Companies like Taiwan Microsoft, Yahoo, and Quanta Computer helped create the ‘golden era’ of personal computers, and thus form an indispensable part of the world's technological landscape. With the flow of time, integrated circuit (IC) technology has come to the fore, and the three aforementioned companies have adapted to these changing times. Behind this push to integrate the latest technology are three general managers, each of whom graduated from Tamkang University.

To try and gain an insight into the expertise and knowledge possessed by these three successful alumni, TKU and CommonWealth Magazine jointly held a discussion forum on Oct 15.

Among those in attendance was the TKU President, Dr. Flora Chia-I Chang, who delivered an opening address.