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Presenting the TKU Campus Guidebook

Date 2016-10-21 3207 Clicks

To celebrate the 66th TKU Anniversary, the TKU College of Foreign Languages and Literature released a new Tamkang University Campus Guidebook, which this year comes in seven separate languages, including Chinese, English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and Russian.

The original Chinese copy was compiled personally by the Dean of the College, Dr. Lucia Chen, and then translated into six other languages by faculty from each department. The guidebook incorporates commentary and majestic scenery, taking readers on a journey from sites in Tamsui that draw droves of tourists each year, to the lush greenery of the TKU Tamsui Campus, as well as the unique Taipei and Lanyang campuses.

The books also provide detailed historical descriptions, transporting readers back through time to experience the Tamkang of old.