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Dignitaries Gather to Celebrate TKU 66th Anniversary

Date 2016-11-08 7703 Clicks

Nov 6: On a sun-drenched November day, the TKU 66th anniversary celebrations commenced with an assortment of commemorative events. Numerous dignitaries attended the event, including 67 representatives and 10 presidents from 30 of Tamkang's sister universities across the globe, with several delegates from Mainland China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Australia, France, the Czech Republic, Spain, and America.

The celebration kicked off with the main ceremony at Tamsui Campus, with an opening speech from Ms. Noriko Mizuta, a trustee of Josai University Educational Corporation. Ms. Mizuta stated that she had been to Tamkang on several occasions in the past, and what most impressed her were Tamkang's Chinese Palace-Style Classrooms, built in 1954. That these classrooms were in such good condition over six decades later symbolized, for her, that Tamkang has maintained its original vision of creating an exceptional university.

In the afternoon, Tamkang University made a series of historical signings to formalize its relationship with several overseas universities. This included a memorandum of collaboration to initiate a dual degree program with the Florida Institute of Technology; a research exchange initiative with the University of Electro-communications, Japan, among others.

The afternoon program also involved the “Presidents' Forum”, which featured a keynote speech from the President of the Institute of Technology, T. Dwayne McCay.