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The 2016-17 End of Year Gala

Date 2017-01-19 6248 Clicks

The 2016-17 End of Year Gala was held today at the TKU Student Activity Center, Tamsui Campus. This year, the department charged with the job of providing entertainment was the TKU Office of Information Services, which put together a series of vibrant and colourful song and dance numbers, and displayed a range of previously unseen skills: dance skills, physical strength, creativity, and powerful voices.

All TKU faculty and staff attended the event, including the TKU President, Dr. Flora Chia-I Chang, the three TKU vice presidents, and deans and chairs from each college and department.

To kick off the annual gala, President Chang delivered an opening speech in which she recapped some of the major achievements made by Tamkang over the previous year, including the obtainment of various formal college certifications, as well as the staggering milestone of having over 2,100 international and cross-strait students currently enrolled at TKU.

During the gala, apart from the various dazzling performances, there was also a raffle draw – an annual gala tradition. However, this year, unlike previous years, the Section Leader of the TKU Office of Information Services, Lee Shu Hua, also provided several additional prizes, including an HTC10 smart phone, an iphone7, and an iphone7 plus.