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Braving the Cold for a Good Cause

Date 2017-03-06 3203 Clicks

During the recent Peace Memorial Day holidays, a passionate group of students from the TKU Department of Mass Communication braved the icy weather to dip their feet in the cold rice fields of Dasi, Taoyuan, for a good cause. The group consisted of fourth year students Chen You-Hsuan, Lu Yu-An, Kung Li-Wen, Wang Yu-Ru, Yang Tsan-Yu, and Li Hao-Gang. The trip was part of a program that allows members of the public to adopt a plot of land to support local farmers, promote organic, pesticide-free farming methods, and ensure the sustainability of Taiwanese farmland.

Kung-Li Wen, one of the participating seniors, said "Although it was freezing and my feet almost went numb in the wet rice fields, it was more than worth it. These days, people's knowledge of rice fields is very limited. Through our graduation assignment, we hope to raise awareness about the important of Taiwan's rice fields and encourage younger people to spend more time learning about how to work these fields."