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TKU Promotes Science Learning

Date 2017-05-02 3921 Clicks

On May 1, the TKU Science Education Center in a joint initiative with the Bureau of Education, New Taipei City Government, held a large-scale science learning event in Taipei City. The New Taipei City "Science Lab" event drew almost a thousand students from 20 high schools around Taipei, who sported a white lab coat and took part in various scientific experiments.

The students were guided in their experiments by the New Taipei City Deputy Mayor, Hou You-yi, and the TKU Dean of Research and Development, Dr. Bo-Cheng Wang. The theme of this year's science gathering was "energy resources", and as such, students conducted chemistry experiments related to Daniell Cell and solar powered batteries.

Deputy Mayor Hou explained that to promote a better understanding of foundational science among young learners, it had teamed up with Tamkang University to provide students with this fun and interesting experiment activity, but also regularly hosts its own science events, including mini-experiments, science exhibits, science fairs, and others.