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Tamkang Wins Big in the 11th Hiwin Intelligent Robotic Arm Competition

Date 2018-09-06 5043 Clicks

The Tamkang University Robot Development Team once again produced impressive results at the final of this year's Hiwin Intelligent Robotic Arm Competition, which was held at Nankang Exhibition Hall on August 29, 2018. Led by two teachers from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering – Dr. Ching-Chang Wong and Dr. Tsai Chi-Yi – Tamkang's Robot Development Team consisted of two groups: the "MIT Hornets" and the "Tamkang Winners". The former group developed its own six degrees of freedom (DOF) robotic arm, and thus competed in the "development category" of the competition. The latter, on the other hand, applied software to a robotic arm provided by Hiwin Technologies, and thus entered the "application category" of the tournament.

This year, Tamkang's MIT Hornets took first place in the development category for the fifth consecutive year. The development category comprised a total of six teams, with second and third place going to National Cheng Kung University and National Formosa University respectively. Within this development category, the Hornets claimed first spot in three separate sub-categories, or events: intelligent stacking, mechanical writing, and intelligent sorting. Meanwhile, in the application category, which comprised 16 teams in all, the Tamkang Winners edged out third place.

Hiwin Technology has been holding the Hiwin Intelligent Robotic Arm Competition since 2008. Each year it sets aside NT $3 million for the competition, offering a total of NT $1.55 million in prize money, and hiring personnel to help organize the event. Through the competition, it hopes to cast a wide net and find talent in related fields, drive effective university-business collaboration, and enhance the technological capability and production value of the robotics industry in Taiwan.

The award ceremony for this year's competition was held Sept 1.