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National Quality Awards – TKU Chairperson Receives Highest Honor

Date 2018-11-07 4149 Clicks

The National Quality Award was established to encourage and promote enterprises, groups, and individuals that achieve exceptional results in quality management, thereby helping create a benchmark from which others can model, enhancing overall standards of operation and management in Taiwan, and allowing others to pursue a path of excellence.

This year, the Chairperson of Tamkang University, Dr. Flora Chia-I Chang, received the greatest honor annually conferred by the National Quality Award judges, collecting the Exceptional Management Award. In receiving this award, Chairperson Chang becomes the first ever female to win the individual prize for exceptional management, as well as the first individual recipient in the area of educational administration. During Chairperson Chang's tenure as the president of Tamkang University, she vigorously promoted comprehensive quality management, implementing principles of quality management in the administration and core values of the university, in the form of the TKU House of Quality (an infographic that outlines TKU's commitment to quality management), the TKU Quality Management Award, and the TKU Quality Management Competition. Her leadership, moreover, saw Tamkang University become the first university in the world to be formally recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as an international safe school, while also claiming first prize in the 19th National Quality Award. Her performance in the area of school administration was nothing short of exceptional.

Upon receiving the award, Chairperson Chang thanked the judges for their acknowledgement of all her achievements and efforts in higher education and in implementing comprehensive quality management principles. She noted that Tamkang University continues to uphold its mission of producing talented professionals, and thus fulfilling its responsibility to the greater community, by continuing to implement the most comprehensive and holistic quality management mechanism possible. In the near future, TKU aims to strengthen and expand the scope of its collaboration with the local business sector, and to better integrate alumni resources in order to provide TKU students with the highest quality of education.

The official award ceremony for this year's National Quality Award will be held in December.