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TKU Holds the International Campus Planning and Design Exhibition

Date 2018-12-28 3859 Clicks

Beginning Dec 20, 2018, the Hsu Shou-Chlien International Conference Hall has been home to the International Campus Planning and Design Exhibition. The Exhibition will run till the 15th Jan, and was jointly organized by the TKU Office of General Affairs, the Department of Architecture, and the Environmental Education Promotional Team as part of the Ministry of Education's Aesthetic Campus Restoration Program. The purpose of the exhibition is to assist local elementary schools and high schools in the Tamsui region by displaying posters depicting examples of successful campuses. Posters include topics relating to campus designs, environmental education, and community development, among others.

Aside from the regular exhibition displays, which visitors can peruse, the Exhibition also features an International Campus Planning and Design Symposium, set to be held on the TKU Tamsui Campus Jan 9, 2019. During he Symposium, scholars and employees in related fields will share their past experiences implementing environmental education programs, with topics including campus-based aesthetic education, course design, and spatial planning. Local Tamsui elementary and high school students as well as staff will be among the attendees.