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Tamkang University Promotes Environmental Education

Date 2019-01-18 3278 Clicks

Tamkang University’s Environmental Education Promotion Team recently teamed up with the TKU Department of Architecture to hold the 2018-19 Campus Planning and Design Exhibition. In addition to the Exhibition itself, on Jan 9, 2019, the 2019 Environmental Education Symposium was held at the Hsu Shou-Chlien International Conference Hall, Tamsui Campus. Participants included principals, directors, and teaching staff from elementary and junior high schools around Taiwan, with 180 participants in total.

To kick off the event, the Vice President for Administrative Affairs, Dr. Shi-Feng Chuang, delivered a welcome address on behalf of Tamkang University. She discussed factors that help improve campus environments, noting that it was not just about getting the most benefit out of the campus buildings and infrastructure, but also about maximizing the campus’s unique features, and making connections with the broader community in which the campus is located.

The Symposium featured two keynote speeches and a general discussion, hosted by the TKU Dean of General Affairs, Luo Shiaw-Shyan.