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Dr. Lawrence Lin Announced President of the TKU Alumni Association

Date 2019-10-29 3358 Clicks

On Oct 19, 2019, the National Museum of Marine Science and Technology (NMMST) was home to the 12th Republic of China TKU Alumni Association Conference, as well as the first General Meeting of Members' Representatives and the 8th Outstanding Alumni Awards Ceremony. Attendees at the event included the the President of Tamkang University, Dr. Huan-Chao Keh, the Chairperson of Tamkang University, Dr. Flora Chia-I Chang, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Chii-Dong Ho, the Vice President for Administrative Affairs, Dr. Shi-Feng Chuang, the Vice President for Lanyang Campus, Dr. Jyh-Horng Lin, the Executive Director of the Office of Alumni Services and Resources, Dr. Yang Shu-Chuen, the Chairman of the Tamkang University Alumni Association, Dr. Chen Ching-Tsai, the President of the Tamkang University Worldwide Federation of Alumni Associations, Ding-chuan Chen, along with outstanding alumni and their family members. A total of approximately 300 people were in attendance.

The Conference kicked off with the election of a new chairman of the 12th ROC Alumni Association, Dr. Lawrence Lin. Dr. Lin is the Chairman of the Grand Dynasty Industrial Company and current President of the Federation of TKU Department Alumni Associations. He takes over the role from Dr. Chen Ching-Tsai, whose tenure has come to an end.