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Tamkang Signs Contract with 1111 Human Resource Job Bank to Increase Industry-Academia Visibility

Date 2020-12-28 2045 Clicks

At 10 AM on December 23rd, the university and Global Chinese International Co., Ltd. (1111 Human Resources Job Bank) held the "Cooperation Intention Signing Ceremony" at the Chueh-Sheng International Conference Hall. The President of Tamkang University Dr. Huan-Chao Keh and the 1111 Human Resources Job Bank President Wen-Xiong Lin signed a letter of intent together at this event.

In his speech, President Keh emphasized that our university has been highly concerned about the issue of industry-academia cooperation for a long time. As we enter the fifth wave of transcendence, we will continue to promote and strengthen industry-academia cooperation, enhance industry-academia innovation and R&D capabilities, strengthen our university’s talent cultivation and industry connections, reducing the academic gap, and enhancing the employment competitiveness of students are the directions of active efforts for the period of "Transcending." "1111 Human Resources Job Bank is very influential in the society, especially the industry-academia cooperation platform and university network launched on November 11th, which not only matched industry and academia but also closely related to university admissions and industry understanding faculty’s expertise. The contract signing is only the beginning as we hope that we may cooperate closely in the future to create a win-win situation."

Wen-Xiong Lin explained that this is the first time he attended a signing event. "In addition to his connection with Tamsui, he was also touched by President Keh's efforts to run the university." He recalled that the 1111 Human Resources Job Bank was established to help the social issue of students “unemployed after graduation.” Now that the company combines university resources to promote industry-academia cooperation, it cultivates future talents by enriching students' practical experience, and it helps companies by offering the selection of outstanding talents first.