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The Go Club Wins the Championship of the NCCU Cup Sub-Level Group

Date 2021-04-12 2228 Clicks

On March 27th, the Go Club participated in the "17th National School Go Team Championship of NCCU Cup" sponsored by NCCU Go Club at National Cheng-Chi University. Wen-Han Liao, a freshman from the Department of Industrial Economics, Yuan-Hsin Wang, a freshman from the Department of Industrial Economics, and Yu-Lun Hsu, a freshman from the Department of Banking and Finance teamed up to participate, through all obstacles, they jointly won the championship of the sub-level group.

The competition is divided into groups and each group includes the main general, the deputy general, and the third general. The club president Ting-Jui Chang, a sophomore in the Bachelor's Program in Global Financial Management mentioned that within this tournament, regardless of the rank group or the sub-level group, everyone will try their best to complete all rounds. We are happy that we won but will not be discouraged when we lose. During the break, everyone will have discussions about the rounds of Go within the competition. Everyone works harder and strives for perfection in this atmosphere so that their strength may be upgraded to the next level. Yun-Chu Chou, a member that participated in the rank group and a senior from the Department of Risk Management and Insurance, said that they rarely have the opportunity to participate in team competitions, so this event is a unique experience for them. Each game seems more exciting since it may affect their teammates due to their individual performances.

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