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New Book Exhibition 2022 by Publishing Center

Date 2022-10-17 924 Clicks

Tamkang University encompasses diverse and affluent academic and cultural resources, especially the works of our faculty and students. These are wonderful records and intimate connections of Tamkang. The Publishing Center hopes to well preserve them in books for more people to enjoy and improve the cohesion of Tamkangians. Hung-Chung Hsueh, Dean of the Office of Research and Development, shared this vision. Publishing Center of the Office of Research and Development held new book exhibition at Chueh Sheng Memorial Library from October 11th to 21st, to launch the new books published in 2022. The theme this year is “Sleepless in Academics and Romance: New Book Exhibition of Publishing Center, Tamkang University”.

The exhibition topics include: Firework, Poems, Myth, Murakami, Strategy, and Chinese-Spanish Translation. The topics represent 6 books: Ruins and Firework, Visible Light, 10-Year Collection Glimmer Modern Poetry Society, Mito-leyendas aborígenes de Australia – Incredible Myth and Legend of Australian Aboriginals, Disorder in Haruki Murakami, Taiwan’s Security Strategy Choice Under the Indo-Pacific Strategic Situation in the Post-epidemic Era, and A Survey of Chinese-Spanish Translation: Theory and Practice. Besides, the exhibition also includes the award-winning collection of Five-Tiger Literature Award, book series of research on Haruki Murakami, as well as series of Tamkang Strategic School.

Lin, Wen-Yau Cathy, Director of Publishing Center introduced the books exhibited this year, including the award-winning collection of Five-Tiger Literature Award, collections of the works of student clubs, academic essays and textbooks. Among them, this is the third impression of A Survey of Chinese-Spanish Translation: Theory and Practice. Many teachers are still using it in their classes. “We wish that everyone could get positive energy from reading.” She said, “We also wish that the changes of Tamkang’s diverse management in academic publishing can be seen. We would like to see more opportunities for cooperation through promoting the visibility of book series in the exhibition.”

Meng-Hsuan Young, a senior from Department of Diplomacy and International Relations, expressed her interest in the book series of strategic school because she’s been keeping up with current affairs. She hopes that the Publishing Center could launch more books in related fields to assist both teachers and students to follow current events.

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