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Teaching and Administration Renovation Seminar— on Coping with Low Fertility

Date 2022-10-29 1134 Clicks

Teaching and Administration Renovation Seminar of 2022 academic year was held at Chang Yeo Lan International Conference Hall of the Hsu Shou-Chlien International Conference Center on October 29. The theme of the seminar is “The Fifth Wave of Tamkang: Coping Measures against Low Fertility in Sustainable Development”. President Huan-Chao Keh, Chairperson Flora Chia-I Chang, 3 vice presidents, all first- and second- level supervisors, secretaries, teachers and more than 250 people from TKU were at present.

Chairperson Chang stated that all the world had placed importance on sustainability. Recently, Stanford University established Doerr School of Sustainability and integrated related departments to focus on the Earth, climate change and social sustainable development. It has started offering COLLEGE courses since 2021, caring about civic, liberal and global education. “The issue of low fertility must be faced up to.” She said, “While we work on the countermeasures from a subtractive angle, we should get ourselves fully prepared with the mentality of addition. We should make student’s mind and soul as well as teaching more exquisite and prominent, so as to achieve the goal of education 4.0.”

President Keh mentioned that TKU had progressed in QS World University Rankings 2023, THE World University Rankings 2023 and U.S. News &World Report 2022-2023 Best Global Universities Rankings. He encouraged colleagues to have more faith in the university. Moreover, he emphasized that TKU is a teaching university that values research in the meantime. “Research achievement will definitely earn the faculty corresponding reward from school.” He said. He finally reemphasized the key point of the university development: to integrate AI and SDGs into courses so that all students can have related foundation and match them across fields; the industry-academia cooperation of AI and SDGs aims for the goal of AI+SDGs=∞, and for creating an exquisite university that stresses localized globalization, intelligent cloud, and sustainable future.

The seminar includes 7 monograph speeches: “Continuous Transcendence, Predicament Breakthrough, Exquisiteness & Excellence.” by Vice President for Academic Affairs Hui-Huang Hsu; “Sustainable Development of Tamkang University – Administrative System Transformation in Thinking, Constitution and Management” by Vice President Chun-Hung Lin; “Challenges in Internationalization under Low Fertility – Fly High Against the Wind” by Vice President for International Affairs Hsiao-Chuan Chen; “Toward the Sustainable New Thinking of Taking the Initiative, Engaging the Public and Seeking the Common Good” By Dean of Academic Affairs Tzong-Ru Tsai; “Office of General Affairs’ Response to the Fifth Wave – Measures Against Low Fertility within Sustainable Development” by Dean of the Office of General Affairs Ruey-Shiang Shaw; “Plan and Vision of Manpower Facing Low Fertility” by Dean of Human Resources Yi-Nan Lin; and “Challenge of One Third” by Dean of Financial Ku-Kun Lin. In the afternoon, the 3 vice presidents hosted group discussions and delivered their results about topics of “Continuous Academic Excellence in the Predicament of Low Fertility”, “Improvement and Advancement of Administrative Resources and Efficiency against Low Fertility”, and “How Should We Confront the Challenge of Internationalization under Low Fertility”.

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