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Teacher Research Reward Exceeds NT$20 Million

Date 2023-02-13 1201 Clicks

The Office of Human Resources recently announced the list of recipients for the 2022 academic year’s Full-time Faculty Research Incentive Awards, including academic journal articles, academic books, citations of academic journal articles or academic books, creative exhibitions, and sports competitions, with a total amount of NT$ 20,027,256, more than the subsidy of NT$17,033,040 last year, indicating that the academic research results of our full-time teachers were quite fruitful last year and reflecting the spirit of the fifth wave of “Transcending”.

This academic journal awarded a total of 167 teachers and 434 papers, with a total amount of NT$18,331,320. 365 papers were included in SCI and SSCI, 6 in A&HCI, 24 in ESCI, and 39 in THCI and TSSCI. 146 papers were jointly published with international scholars. 10 academic books were approved for a total reward of NT$454,500. 56 papers by 21 people were cited, with a total reward of NT$999,000. There were 11 creative exhibitions and sports competitions by 5 people, with 3 country-level creative exhibitions and 8 national-level sports competitions, for a total reward of NT$235,200. One research and development achievement was authorized or transferred by one person, with a total reward of NT$6,336.

It’s worth mentioning that many teachers who received rewards for academic journal articles are listed in the “World’s Top 2% Scientists” List (1960-2021) and “2021 Annual List of Highly Cited Researchers” announced in October 2022, including Dr. Jong Sheng Guo from the Department of Mathematics, Dr. Chung-Li Dong, Dr. Chi-Cheng Lee from the Department of Physics, Dr. San-Lang Wang from the Department of Chemistry, Dr. Jong-Dar Yau from the Department of Architecture, Dr. Li-Chiu Chang from the Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering, Dr. Chii-Dong Ho from the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, Dr. Chien-Ching Chiu from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Dr. Chia-Chi Sun from the Department of International Business, Dr. Yu-Hui Fang from the Department of Accounting, Dr. Shu-Hsien Liao, Dr. Ruey-Chyn Tsaur, and Dr. Hsu-Shih Shih from the Department of Management Sciences, Dr. Yi-Hsuan Wang from the Department of Education Technology, all demonstrating their abundant research energy and the impact of their research content.

President Huan-Chao Keh has repeatedly stated in important meetings on campus that our school has made progress in various world academic rankings this year. From the increasing amount of rewards, it shows that the strategy of “replacing subsidies with rewards” has been effective in enhancing the academic research ability of teachers. In the future, more rewards will be given for teachers’ research achievements, and cross-disciplinary teaching, research, and industry-academic cooperation will be encouraged.

Vice President for Academic Affairs Hui-Huang Hsu praised the dedicated teachers for their efforts in research, and emphasized that our university is a “teaching-oriented university that values research.” He finds it very commendable that the teachers have achieved such results while also focusing on teaching, service, and guidance. However, he encourages teachers to seek more external research resources, especially government research projects. The university and the Office of Research and Development will actively plan and assist in obtaining grants for large interdisciplinary research projects, in order to produce more abundant research outcomes.

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