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Administrative Personnel Skills Training – Shih-Hsin Chu on Emotional Management and Stress Adaptation

Date 2023-04-10 1383 Clicks

As part of the "Administrative Staff Training Program" organized by the Office of Human Resources, a lecture was held on March 27th at the Ching-Sheng International Conference Hall. The keynote speaker was Ms. Shih-Hsin Chu, a consulting psychologist and the founder of Howmatch Consulting Company (好合顧問公司). The topic was "Emotional Management and Stress Adaptation". More than 80 faculty and staff members participated in the event.

Before the course started, Ms. Chu reached 3 important consensuses with the participants. Firstly, stress is an inevitable part of life, and we need to learn to coexist with it peacefully rather than trying to eliminate it. Secondly, people usually live according to their own beliefs and values, but sometimes it's not easy to do so. Lastly, the formation of one's personality mostly comes from developed habits, and usually these habits make up 80% of one's personality.

Next, Ms. Chu mentioned that Aristotle believed that happiness comes from 2 elements: pleasure and a meaningfulness. To illustrate this point, she used a video of a police officer catching a rooster to explain that when we find something meaningful and valuable, our attitude will naturally become more positive. But if we feel that something has no meaning or value, our attitude will turn negative. She reminded everyone to have a deeper understanding of the nature of happiness and to find meaningful and valuable things in life to enrich it. She then listed 10 situations that could make people lose their passion for work, including "work is too easy or too difficult", "salary is not balanced with work", "too much repetition in work", "work affects family life", "feeling that work has no future", "work is often interrupted", "concerned about performance being seen", "encountering difficulties and unable to find solutions", "feeling constrained in the work process", and "heavy sense of responsibility". She also pointed out that people who pursue perfection are often more likely to lose their passion for work.

Finally, Ms. Chu specifically reminded everyone to do a good job in "health management", "time management", and "financial management", and also reminded that "leisure arrangement" should be included in the aspect of time management. Finally, with the words "appropriate pressure plus encouragement will stimulate people's potential," she encouraged everyone to coexist with stress smoothly, face things from different perspectives, and discover different lives.

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