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Open Application for Flexible Academic System Encourage Interdisciplinary Learning

Date 2024-05-12 344 Clicks

Come and kickstart your interdisciplinary learning to enhance your competitiveness upon graduation! Applications for minors, double majors, and minor specialties are now being accepted for the 2024 academic year. Interested students are welcome to apply online before 5:00 PM on May 21. You can first watch the registration tutorial video (URL:

The Registration Section reminds us that according to the "TKU Implementation Guidelines for Interdisciplinary Courses", "TKU Regulations on Students Undertaking an Academic Minor", and "TKU Regulations for Students Undertaking an Academic Double Major", starting from the new students enrolled in 2023 academic year, students may apply for a minor specialty in a department other than their major departments for the following academic year. Once students have enrolled in a minor specialty program in one department, they cannot apply for the minor or double major of that department. Students may apply for one minor and one double major for the following academic year in the second semester of each academic year. Students who have enrolled in a minor or double major program in one department cannot apply for the minor specialty of the same department. Mainland Chinese students may apply for minors or double majors within the departments approved to recruit mainland Chinese students in compliance with the regulations of the Ministry of Education.

In order to encourage students to obtain a second specialization from a department other than their major one, all departments of Tamkang University have implemented a flexible minor specialty system. The advantage of this system is that students can more smoothly acquire a second specialization within the 4 years of their undergraduate studies. Those who successfully complete the requirements for a minor will have the name of the minor specialty added to their degree certificate and transcripts, providing them with the most advantageous proof of their accomplishments.

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