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Tamkang holds opening ceremony for 2010 EMBA program

Date 2010-09-13 6762 Clicks

Tamkang University’s 2010 EMBA Opening Ceremony was held at TKU’s Taipei campus on the 11th of September. The ceremony was organized jointly by Tamkang’s colleges of Business and Management, and was attended by almost 300 guests, including teaching staff, alumni, senior students, and first year students, from a range of TKU faculties and departments.

While addressing the close to 300 guests, the TKU Vice President for Administrative Affairs, Dr. Kao Po-yuan, congratulated the new students for being accepted into the Tamkang EMBA program, adding that Tamkang University deeply respects its EMBA students. This can be seen from the fact that TKU only hires distinguished, full-time teachers, provides students with ample educational resources, and offers diverse, cross-discipline courses.

During the ceremony, Vice President Kao also distributed awards for outstanding academic performance. Award recipients were students whose overall grades throughout the academic year placed them first in their respective faculties. The students’ efforts are especially praiseworthy because, while taking part in the EMBA program, they also held full time jobs.

The Dean of the College of Business, Hu Yi-Jen, said that apart from striving to provide students with training in specialized fields of business and commerce, a series of lectures relating to business ethics and conduct would be implemented in future EMBA programs. The scheduled change will give students a more balanced grounding in technical areas of expertise as well as ethical concerns, in the hope of averting or, at the very least, effectively responding to financial crises in the future.

The Dean of the College of Management, Wang Chu-Ching, hopes that the EMBA program can serve as a multi-purpose platform, a forum where knowledge is acquired and friendships forged, a diverse environment where students can apply their talents, and a context enabling both students and teachers to grow.

Cai Chun-sheng, a senior from the Department of International Business, praised the lecturers’ teaching style and the group report format of classes. In this kind of learning environment, not only do classmates obtain specialized information, but they also get various opportunities to demonstrate their newly-acquired knowledge and expertise. Chun-sheng shared with the new students his experiences in the previous year, and reminded them of the old adage “there’s no substitute for practice”.

The coordinator of Tamkang’s EMBA program, Lin Chiang-feng, noted that this year he will be working with the EMBA student association to hold numerous social events and networking functions. Such events will enrich students’ cross-discipline knowledge, expand their pool of contacts, and enable them to march on and attain unlimited success.

Tamkang’s EMBA program has groomed countless groups of talented personnel who have earned widespread acclaim for their on-the-job performance. Despite the current economic downturn, Tamkang University’s EMBA program remains a popular choice among professionals hoping to gain further knowledge and work skills. Tamkang tries to inculcate in its EMBA students the value of lifelong learning. It is TKU’s foremost hope that EMBA graduates apply this mindset of lifelong learning to their careers, to benefit themselves, their employers, and society as a whole.