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Chat Corner, a platform for learning languages and building friendships, commences

Date 2010-10-05 14062 Clicks

To facilitate greater interaction between Tamkang University’s local and exchange / international students, the Office of International Exchange has set up a Tamkang “Chat Corner”. Starting from the 4th of this month, the Chat Corner will be held daily, from Monday to Friday between 12 and 2pm, at the Language Learning Lounge in the College of Foreign Languages and Literature. It provides the opportunity for local and international students to interact and converse in a number of languages, including English, Japanese, French, Spanish, Russian, and Korean. Students can take advantage of the Chat Corner program to improve their foreign language ability and gain a better understanding of overseas cultures.

For each chat activity, a ‘chat leader’ will prepare a diverse and interesting range of topics, which will be discussed in a lively conversational format. Topics discussed may include aspects of daily life, such as food, entertainment, travel, music, movies, leisure activities, and so on. Both local and international students will be invited to serve as ‘chat leaders’, and it is hoped that all students will enthusiastically participate to promote cultural interaction and to enhance conversational proficiency in their chosen foreign language(s). If you, too, wish to study foreign languages in a casual, conversational setting, make sure you do not miss this valuable opportunity. The initial phase of Chat Corner began on October 4. Registration for Chat Corner can be made between 12 and 2pm Monday to Friday at the basement level of the College of Foreign Languages and Literature.

In the last couple of years, there has been a large increase in the number of foreign students studying at Tamkang University. The rapid rise in numbers of foreign students not only helps to promote and expand Tamkang University’s overseas presence, but also adds to the international feel at Tamkang University’s several campuses. Tamkang University spares no effort in looking after international students and making them feel at home. To this effect, Tamkang University has held Chinese singing competitions, provides ongoing Chinese lessons for foreigners, organizes symposiums for international and exchange students, runs Chinese teaching workshops, and has set up a comprehensive student course catalogue in English.

Last semester, the Office of International Exchange began trialing the idea of Chat Corner. In the Language Learning Lounge of the College of Foreign Languages and Literature, local and international students exchanged language and culture, and built friendships. From the Lounge, the warm sound of laughter and lively discussion began to pour forth, as everyone chatted and conversed like one big family. It is hoped that students take this chance to improve their foreign language skills, and at the same time, help to firmly entrench Tamkang University on the path of internationalization.